Hellenic Culture Centre

Educational and Cultural Profile

The Hellenic Culture Centre is an institution specialized in organizing Greek language courses for non native speakers, cultural tourism programmes and teacher training programmes for language teachers. It was founded in 1995 and since then it has carried out its programmes in Athens, where it is based, in Santorini island, and in selected venues throughout Greece and abroad.

The Centre΄s work includes research activities on teaching and learning Greek as second / foreign language, development of original didactic materials, book publishing (Kaleidoskopio series www.learn-greek-kaleidoskopio.com) and e-learning Greek:

Greek Language Programme:
- Specially designed Modern Greek language courses which cover the educational needs of all categories of foreign adult students (interpreters/translators, teachers and students of ancient and modern Greek, migrants, different professionals, tourists, philhellenes, etc)

Greek Culture Programme:
- Programme of complementary activities for Greek language students with cultural and intercultural content (conversation classes, lectures, presentations on History, Arts, Society, dance and song courses, etc)

Teacher Training Programme:
- Training Seminars in Teaching Greek as a Foreign/Second Language
- Intercultural Education Seminars for language teachers and other educators
- Adult Education Seminars for educators that work in this domain

As a complement to the organization of the language courses and the seminars, the Centre undertakes:
- research in issues of educational needs, material, teaching methods, etc.
- production of educational materials and methods of long-distance learning
- planning of programmes, curricula and educational services to other organizations (Vocational Training Centres, Non Governmental Organizations, private educational institutes)
- conferences/ meetings/ events for the promotion of Greek language and the dissemination of knowledge in language teaching methods, in Intercultural Education and in Adult Education

To accomplish of its aims, the Hellenic Culture Centre - Ifigenia Georgiadou co-operates at a local, national and international level with:

- institutes of formal education (schools, universities, educators΄ associations, etc)
- institutes of informal and life-long learning education (Adult Education Centres, Second Chance Schools, Vocational Training Centres, etc)
- Non Governmental Organizations
- public organizations and institutions (ministries, local authorities, Hellenic Tourist Organization, and others)
- mass media
- educational networks which undertake similar actions.