Test your knowledge

 The HELLENIC CULTURE CENTRE is a partner organization in the research project M-Lang Mobile enhanced tools and approaches for innovative language learning and assessment, which was approved by the European Commision under the Erasmus+ programme as a strategic partnership in vocational education.

For more information, please check : http://www.histproject.no/node/903

You can test your knowledge here! It is easy! It is safe! Type app.one2act in your browser from your smartphone or your tablet. Join session. Type session code and check Anonymously. Answer the questions. Check your results. So simple! Enjoy!

Check here some test examples :

  • Α1 Ο-Η-ΤΟ                                                        κωδ. EIQAQ
  • Α1 Ενεστώτας ανώμαλων ρημάτων                    κωδ. LIMAL
  • Α1 Ρήματα Α' συζυγίας                                      κωδ. PEBOE
  • Α2 Σύγκριση                                                      κωδ. EEEIE
  • Α2 Θηλυκά ουσιαστικά σε –ης                            κωδ. VIKEF
  • Β1 Απλή ή συνεχής υποτακτική;                         κωδ. SEQOA
  • Β1 Επίθετα σε -ύς, -ιά, -ύ                                   κωδ. HOIAH
  • Β1 Παρατατικός Ενεργητικής φωνής  A',Β'1,Β'2   κωδ. TENEE
  • Β2 Επίθετα σε -ής, -ής, -ές                                 κωδ. GEXIL
  • Β2 Θηλυκά και ουδέτερα ουσιαστικά σε –ος       κωδ. DOQER
  • Β2 Παρατατικός παθητικής φωνής                      κωδ. BIVAC
  • Γ2 Η πρόθεση εκ / εξ                                         κωδ. UOGOS
  • Γ2 Ιδιόκλιτα ουσιαστικά                                     κωδ. UAWIO
  • Γ2 Ρήματα σε –ίζω                                             κωδ. OIYOC