Study Levels

The curriculum is divided into seven classes covering all levels (A0, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). The curriculum is based on the curriculum of the Centre for Greek Language of the Greek Ministry of Education.
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A0: Introduction to modern Greek. Basic vocabulary, simple dialogues, reading skills, writing, basic grammar. Textbook: "Ellinika Tora (Greek Now) 1+1"
A1: Building vocabulary, more communicative situations and dialogues, more grammar (nouns, adjectives, plural, simple past, future and subjunctive of basic verbs). Textbook: "Ellinika Tora (Greek Now) 1+1"
A2: Required knowledge: Basic vocabulary and grammar (simple past, future, subjunctive). Ability to create and understand short sentences used in everyday life. Syllabus goals: to enrich vocabulary, improve the ability to express oneself in more complex situations (descriptions, narratives, comparatives, plans for the future etc.). Verbs: active voice (more tenses) and introduction to imperative and passive voice. Textbook: "Ellinika Tora (Greek Now) 1+1"
B1: Required knowledge: Syllabus of A2, basic vocabulary of everyday language. Syllabus goals: teaching the passive voice, pronouns, imperatives, use of subjunctive, narratives, enriching vocabulary (family, work, free time). Normal discussions, debates. Centre's textbook
B2: Required knowledge: formation of verb tenses in active and passive voice, declension of nouns and adjectives in all cases. Syllabus goals: coverage of basic grammar (use of tenses, irregular adjectives and nouns, use of prepositions and conjunctions, compound verbs, participles, conditional clauses), enrichment of vocabulary (language spoken in big cities, idiomatic expressions). Short texts from newspapers. Exercises in the oral language to communicate information, personal views and feelings. Centre's textbook
C1: Required knowledge: Reading comprehension of short newspaper articles. Syllabus goals: to enrich vocabulary (formal letters, essays, expressions, proverbs, special vocabulary). Students work on specific projects and make presentations. Texts from the press and literature. Centre's textbook: KALEIDOSKOPIO C1 (published by the HELLENIC CULTURE CENTRE).
C2: Required knowledge: acquaintance with the language of the press, consolidation of the main morphological structures. Syllabus goals: to enrich specific vocabulary. Elements of "katharevoussa", ancient Greek and some dialects are included. Participation in discussions, the aim being for students to express themselves logically and clearly, and to understand Greek spoken at normal speed. Centre's textbook: KALEIDOSKOPIO C2 (published by the HELLENIC CULTURE CENTRE).
Special courses
Literature: Intended for students with fairly rich vocabulary and a good knowledge of grammar. Teaching material is taken from representative works (prose and poetry) of Greek authors. Syllabus goal: Development of language skills, introduction to Greek literature and acquaintance with different writing styles. Centre's textbook. Every course is designed either on the basis of studying a Greek author or poet or on a special subject, i.e. the Sea in Greek Literature.Students may attend this course for several times, studying different authors and themes
Greek language course for interpreters and translators: for professionals who have completed the basic training and are already very competent in the language, or for those who wish to refresh their knowledge. Goal: enriching vocabulary, getting acquainted with aspects of modern Greece. Studying specific topics, using difficult texts, tapes, CDs and videos. Interpretation and translation techniques are not being taught, the course is a Greek language course at a higher level Students may attend this course for several times, studying different themes. Centre's textbook
Legal terminology course: Intended for translators or interpreters who already use Greek in their work. Goal: learning to differentiate between and to use difficult legal terms plus expressions in "katharevoussa"; Familiarization with the Greek legal and judicial system. Lectures by specialist lawyers. Students will observe a trial. They will also research well-known legal cases, the Greek constitution and Greek laws. They will attend discussions on legal issues. Centre's textbook. Only a part of this course has been integrated into the course Katharevousa and into the Three Month Perfection Programme.
Three month language perfection programme: (12 weeks, 120 hours of lessons including 48 hours of interpreting / translating into student' mother tongue with a Greek teacher or a translator experienced in the student's mother tongue) for professionals who will be working with the language in the near future or for those who wish to refresh their knowledge. Students will attend lectures and public discussions (+60 extra hours). Private and group lessons. Students will also attend advanced courses according to their needs. Centre's textbook
Katharevousa: Intended for professionals who have reached the Proficiency level in Greek/ have already completed our Advanced 2 level and wish to learn past forms of Greek Language. Centre's textbook
Preparation for the exams for the Official Certificate of Attainment in Greek
The Hellenic Culture Centre prepares students for the exams for the Certificate of Attainment in Greek, offered by the Ministry of Education and the Centre for Greek Language. All levels. For further information on the Certificate please visit the website of the Centre for Greek Language