Santorini Summer School


Santorini doesn’t need any special references. It has been ranked as one the ten most beautiful islands in the world, and its volcanic landscape takes your breath away.

Megalochori is 7 km away from Fira, the capital of the island. It has kept its traditional colours and it is one of the few villages that have been declared “traditional settlements”. It is surrounded by vineyards and has many churches famous for their ornate bell towers, white Cycladic houses and narrow streets.

Megalochori is very closed to Pyrgos and Emporeio. All three villages are not very popular touristic sites, they are quiet and peaceful even in August and they offer many options for accommodation and food at lower prices.

You’ll find our school in the second entrance of Megalochori, right across the street from Geromanolis tavern.

Find here a panoramic view of our school.

IMG 2244

The entrance to the village

IMG 2341

Geromanolis' tavern

IMG 3250

The cycladic houses

IMG 2105

               The square      

IMG 3226

The narrow streets

IMG 2079

The ornate bell towers