The levels Β1, C1 and C2 of the KALEIDOSKOPIO book series on teaching Greek as a foreign/second language are available by the Hellenic Culture Centre.

The KALEIDOSKOPIO series aims at providing non-greek speaking students with as complete and multifaceted picture of contemporary Greek reality as it is possible.

It aspires to touch upon the agonies, joys, enthusiasm, fears, achievements and challenges experienced by Greeks today through the presentation of aspects of the Greek society.

Furthermore, the books aim at rendering students capable to communicate and have their knowledge certified by sitting in the Greek Language Certification exams of the Centre of Greek Language (KEG) or other organisations/institutes, which organise, or are about to organise similar Certification exams in accordance to the European Languages Portfolio and the Centre for the Greek Language levels as described by the presidential decree published in the governmental gazette (Π.Δ. 60/30-6-2010 ΦΕΚ A’ 98).

The STUDENT BOOKS KALEIDOSKOPIO B1 - book A, KALEIDOSKOPIO C1 - book A and KALEIDOSKOPIO C2 book A are supplemented by:

  • The COMPANION BOOKS (also in electronic version) which are included in the printed version (second part of the printed version)
  • The CDs KALEIDOSKOPIO B1 - book A, KALEIDOSKOPIO C1 - book A and KALEIDOSKOPIO C2 - book A (2 CDs for each book) which include texts from the Student book as well as the Companion book for all levels.
  • Support through seminars and consulting offered to the teachers by the Hellenic Culture Centre along with access to a supplementary materials databank which can be used in teaching and can be found on the HCC’s web site http://learning.bemobile.gr

The books support also the electronic platform GLOSSA for teaching Greek, levels B1, C1 and C2 www.ellinikiglossa.eu, which contains additional texts and exercises for learners and is continually updated. On line learning is also provided through this platform.

For every language level the Student’s book and the Companion book contain:      

  • Five teaching units with comprehension exercises, texts and language function exercises
  • Two CDs with the texts of each unit from the Student book and the Companion book.
  • Oral language comprehension exercises
  • Speaking exercises/activities
  • Reading comprehension activities
  • Writing/composition exercises
  • V expansion exercises
  • Cultural and intercultural information for each unit
  • Songs
  • Word banks by theme in every unit
  • Role-plays
  • Grammar and vocabulary exercises
  • Pronunciation rules and exercises
  • Idioms, expressions and sayings of the Greek language
  • Suggestions for creative projects
  • Suggestions for surfing the web, Greek movies and books related to each unit’s theme
  • Grammar tables
  • The texts for certain listening exercises
  • The key for multiple choice exercises and matching tasks
  • Authentic photographs depicting Greek reality.

If you are a student you will find the exercises’ key at the end of each book (Student book and Companion book), you will listen to some texts from the CD, you will be able to read the electronic version with or without internet connection (on CD-ROM) you will have support by a teacher and you will have access to our additional teaching material and updated texts on our e-learning platform GLOSSA www.ellinikiglossa.eu. There you have the opportunity to add new texts and share your views with your classmates on the forum.

Those e-learning classes can form the basis of a blended learning if you decide to participate in a face-to-face course carried out by the Hellenic Culture Centre or other Centers, which organize language courses in the frame of GLOSSA program.

If you are a teacher, you will study two pieces of research carried out by the programme staff on online teaching for advanced students. You will explore the “professional profile of those who teach Greek to adults in the non-formal education field” and you will communicate with the contributors to the GLOSSA programme so that you have the chance to take advantage of the e-platform www.ellinikiglossa.eu.

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The projects "GLOSSA - Greek as a vehicle for promoting linguistic diversity" and "GLOSSA 2 - Training of Greek Language Online Teachers" were funded by the European Commission.