Volunteers learning Greek

Volunteers learning Greek

Ταχύρρυθμα Greek language seminars
Intended for Volunteers of the European Voluntary Service programme and
for Erasmus students

The Hellenic Culture Centre organizes fast-paced seminars for learning Greek intended for volunteers and students coming to Greece in order to offer voluntary service to non governmental organizations (European Voluntary Service -EVS) or to study ( Erasmus University programme).

This programme is specially designed as to cover the basic everyday communicative situations in which the learners will be involved from the very first moment of their life in Greece as well as to get into contact with interesting for young people aspects of the Greek Culture.

With the cooperation of the organizations who have invited the learners to Greece (non profit non governmental organizations and Universities) a special tailor made programme is being created according to the needs and the scientific interests of the students, as well as on the character and the theme of their visit (environment, culture, pedagogy, social support, et al)

The aims of this programme are:
• To promote and learn the Greek Language in order to facilitate their life and studies in Greece
• To develop intercultural skills for every participant
• To get informed about social and educational questions that concern Greek youth today
• To meet with Greek students of Higher Education, unions and associations, colleges et al, and to develop friendly relations and projects of cooperation and communication

The Hellenic Culture Centre, with its experienced staff in organizing education and cultural activities, supports the Greek language programme by language teachers specialized in teaching Greek as a foreign language and the intercultural education seminars by facilitators experienced in working with young people.
The programme is being organized all year round upon request and contact with groups of volunteers or/ and University students and could be held at the NGO offices as well.

For information please contact the Secretariat (Mo-Fr 10:00-17:00) Ms. Ifigenia Georgiadou, tel. 6944105484, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.